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Updated on 27/08/2016
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Hindi 1 Dr. B.D. Waghmare I/c Principal Hindi
2 Dr. S.V. Narwade Asso. Prof. Hindi
Political Science 1 Dr. V. B. Aghav Asso. Prof. Political Science
2 Shri. G.P. Chavan Asstt. Prof. Political Science
Sociology 1 Ku. V. N. Khandare Asstt. Prof. Sociology
2 Shri. V.S. Pawar Asstt. Prof. Sociology
History 1 Dr.R.R. Pimpalpalle Asstt. Prof. History
Economics 1 Shri. A. D. Madavi Asstt. Prof. Economics
Pub.Admin. 1 Dr. D. D. Maske Asstt. Lect. Pub.Admin.
English 1 Shri. S. S. Dodal Asstt. Prof. English
2 Dr. S. L. Patki Asstt. Prof. English
3 Shri. T. R. Hapgunde Asstt. Prof. English
Marathi 1 Dr. S.G. Jadhav Asso. Prof. Marathi
Dairy Science 1 Dr. S.A. Kulkarni Asso. Prof. Dairy Science
2 Dr. P.T. Gangasagare Asso. Prof. Dairy Science
Electronics 1 Dr. A. R. Lathi Asso. Prof. Electronics
2 Dr. P.D. Achole Asso. Prof. Electronics
Physics 1 Dr. R.M. Dharmkare Asso. Prof. Physics
2 Dr. S. D. Chavan Asstt. Prof. Physics
Botany 1 Dr. N.S. Solanke Asstt. Prof. Botany
2 Dr. S. S. Nagarkar Asstt. Prof. Botany
Mathematics 1 Dr. A.D. Kadam Asstt. Prof. Mathematics
2 Dr. S.P. Hatkar Asstt. Prof. Mathematics
Zoology 1 Dr. B.S. Salve Asstt. Prof. Zoology
2 Dr. P. P. Joshi Asstt. Prof. Zoology
Chemistry 1 Dr. A. V. Pawade Asstt. Prof. Chemistry
2 Ku. S. S. Wagh Asstt. Prof. Chemistry
3 Shri. A. K. Pathan Asstt. Prof. Chemistry
Computer 1 Dr. R. D.  Kene  Asstt. Lect. Computer
Commerce 1 Dr. B.B. Lakshete Asstt. Prof. Commerce
2 Dr.  A.B. Gattani Asstt. Prof. Commerce
Phy. Edu. 1 Dr. A.S. Bhatt Asstt. Prof. Phy. Edu.
Librarian 1 Ku. J.R. Shankpale Librarian Librarian
Chemistry 1 Shri L.M. Samleti Vice Principal Chemistry
  2 Shri S. T. Ingole Teacher Chemistry
  3 Shri. A. R. Shastri Teacher Chemistry
  4 Shri. A.S. Pampatwar Teacher Chemistry
  5 Ku. V.M. Tawade Teacher Chemistry
Mathematics 1 Shri O.S. Indani Supervisor Mathematics
  2 Ku. V.W. Sawatkar Teacher Mathematics
Physics 1 Shri. B.G. Chatse Teacher Physics
  2 Shri. R.A. Dalvi Teacher Physics
  3 Shri. V.K. Padole Teacher Physics
  4 Shri. D.A. Hare Teacher Physics
  5 Ku. S. R. Wakode Teacher Physics
Biology 1 Sow. J.P. Maske Teacher Biology
  2 Shri. A. A. Gade Teacher Biology
  3 Shri. K.A. Kapratwar Teacher Biology
Animal Science 1 Shri. D. L. Ghuge Teacher Animal Science
English 1 Shri. D.M. Kulkarni Teacher English
  2 Shri. R. D. Todkar Teacher English
  3 Shri. N.P. Ubale Teacher English
Marathi 1 Ku. K.V. Saraf Teacher Marathi
  2 Shri. A.T. Bele Teacher Marathi
Hindi 1 Shri. S.G. Sahu Teacher Hindi / Com
History 1 Shri. M.H. Palewar Teacher History
Sangit 1 Shri. D.P. Joshi Teacher Sangit
Economics 1 Shri. M.P. Chidrawar Teacher Economics
Commerce 1 Ku. S. A. Pupulwad Teacher Commerce
Phy Edu 1 Shri. N.S. Rayalwar Teacher Phy Edu
Teaching & Non Teaching Staff MCVC Dept.
A/A 1 Shri S.L. Parati Teacher A/A
8 Shri. P.V. Ghuge Teacher (Pract.) A/A
MREDA 2 Shri. A.S. Gaikwad Teacher MREDA
9 Shri. S.D. Chakrawar Teacher (Pract.) MREDA
O.M. 3 Smt. S.S. Kabra Teacher O.M.
7 Shri. D.N. Kulkarni Teacher (Pract.) O.M.
M.L.T. 4 Dr. S.S. Kayal Teacher M.L.T.
E.T. 6 Shri. K.B. Gujrathi Teacher E.T.
10 Shri. P.B. Kurhade Teacher (Pract.) E.T.
Ani Sci & Dai 5 Shri. D.R. Pawar Teacher Ani Sci & Dai
11 Shri. R.R. Kamble Teacher (Pract.) Ani Sci & Dai
.. 12 Shri. J.N. Mutkule Store Keeper ..
13 Shri. P.S. More Sevak ..
Non Teaching Staff Class III
1 Shri V.S. Kawane Superintendent
2 Shri M.V. Ranjanikar Steno
3 Shri D.S. Dube  Head Clerk
4 Shri K. T. Didale  Jr. Clerk
5 Shri P. R. Dube  Jr. Clerk
6 Shri V. S. Pathak Jr. Clerk
7 Shri  R. B. Kedare Asst. Librarian
8 Shri S. S. Choudhari Lib. Clerk
9 Shri B. V. Ghuge  Lib. Clerk
10 Shri D. M. Ghumnar  Lab Technicion
11 Shri R. V. Kotarwar Lab Assistant
12 Shri A. N. Ghuge Lab Assistant
13 Shri A. G. Dadegaonkar  Lab Assistant
14 Shri P. D. Pawar Lab Assistant
15 Shri G. D. Mane  Lab Assistant
16 Shri P. N. Nagre  Lab Assistant
Non Teaching Staff Class IV
1 Shri Hodbe B.S. Lab Attendent
2 Shri Hatagale U.S. Lab Attendent
3 Shri Bangar S.K. Lab Attendent
4 Shri Abdul Majid Lab Attendent
5 Shri Garage N.S. Lab Attendent
6 Shri Gajre S.G. Lib Attendent
7 Shri Bangar S.S. Lib Attendent
8 Shri Dahiphale D.R. Lib Attendent
9 Shri Wavdhane M.S. Lab Attendent
10 Shri Jadhav S.D. Lab Attendent
11 Shri Pathan T.M. Lib Attendent
12 Pardesi  Ashish Ramkhilavan Lib Attendent
13 Choudhari Viky Satyanarayan Lib Attendent
14 Gunjkar Gajanan Tukaram Lib Attendent
15 Shri Kanthale D.N. Lab Attendent
16 Shri Dayama M.P. Lab Attendent
17 Shri Thakur R.S. Lab Attendent
18 Shri Lonkar S.N. Lab Attendent
19 Shri Tapre D.R. Lab Attendent
20 Shri Thombare S.K. Lab Attendent
21 Shri Badwai S.B. Lab Attendent
22 Shri Pawar R.D. Lab Attendent
23 Shri Nijlewar S.O. Lab Attendent
24 Shri Rathod S.D. Lab Attendent
25 Shri Bais M.G. Lab Attendent
26 More Jivan Dattrao Lab Attendent
27 Wallapwar Subhash Keshavrao Lab Attendent
28 Smt More G.S. Peon
29 Shri Lad R.H. Peon
30 Shri Mudiraj A.D. Peon
31 Shri Bangr S.N. Peon
32 Shri Rakhonde A.S. Peon
33 Shingade Madhukar Kisan Peon
34 Shaikh Jawed Sk.Jabbar Peon
35 Thombare Punyarathi Dattaji Peon
36 Purohit Shrikant S. NCC Watchman
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